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love my Jordan


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Anonymous asked:
is your contest open to anyone in the world?

yes, expect a while for delivery if it’s coming a long way though


I’ll reblog this every single time I see it, soooo nice.

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Apple iPhone 4 16gb Give Away!

Give away for a black iPhone 4 16gb, which as far as I know is unlocked to any network.

Basically I got this phone through my free 2 year phone upgrade on my contract, however I wanted to keep my old phone and was going to give this iPhone to my fiance but apparently she can’t work it, so here I am doing a give away for the folk of tumblr.

I will announce the winner on March 20th. All you have to do is reblog this post, likes will not be counted and max reblog amount is 10 times otherwise you won’t be counted.

I will draw the winner through an online random number generator, with the number I’ll just match it to that number within the notes (for example, if I drew #1 then the first note would win it)

Also the winner must be following me, otherwise you wont be counted and I’ll just redraw the winner.

Good luck everybody!

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